The Biggest Topic of All

[Please forward this to as many people you know. We are nearing the tipping points of climate chaos. This video focusses on the methane lying trapped under the oceans and land masses. If they are released it could mean a re-run of the Permian Mass Extinction Event 250 million years ago when 95% of all species on earth were destroyed. That is the Russian Roulette our ruling elites are willing to risk in order to maintain the system of power and profits. No other issue is as important as this one.

The state of NSW where I live is burning fiercely all over the place as I write this, although it is only the middle of spring. Hundreds of houses have already been lost. While bemoaning the bushfires, at the same time the government is hell bent on increasing coal and gas extraction and exports. Most people themselves still jet all over the world for fun and are proud of their big cars and mansions and wide screen home theatres. Maybe it’s time to stand near the bushfires with signs saying something like: This Is Why Coal, Oil and Gas Must Stay In The Ground.

Organize locally, and globally. Fight the coal, oil and gas corporations to keep the remaining fossil fuels in the ground. This is about survival and changing the whole economic and political and cultural system of perpetual growth, aka capitalism, towards a zero carbon, ecologically sustainable, socially equitable and globally just system where the people themselves decide all important matters, not the ruling elites. Because this system is taking us over the abyss of climate chaos and planetary collapse, it’s got to be: System change, not climate change.]

Either we get rid of this system or it gets rid of us.]


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on October 18, 2013.

2 Responses to “The Biggest Topic of All”

  1. Scary stuff and one can only keep reminding people. But it’s Halloween soon and the dreaded Winter Festival. Maybe at 3.37 he means analogy rather than analog. I will do what I can for this topic

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