10 Afghan children victims of NATO 0413
[The image is of ten dead Afghan children, victims of a NATO bombing raid earlier this year. Why don’t we shout ‘Not in our names’ from the rooftops? Mollified and fooled by the shameful UN support, the anti-Afghan war movement was always very weak in the west. The poem is an older one.]


the suave order givers of the Apocalypse
the obedient sheep of the Apocalypse

the glitterati of the Radiant Void
the botoxed distractors built of Freud

the flag-wrapped Tory working class waving flags of national obsolescence
the militant sects drowning between the flags of their putrescence

the green garnishers of the violence of normality
the progressive disillusioned believers in the next round of demagoguery

the economistfinreviewquadrantfairfaxnewscorp purveyors of econo-rot
the survivalist standing armed at the gate of his organic vege plot

the CEOs & peons of the military-industrial-nuclear-carbon-entertainment complex
the Repeated Blunders League, the Christian Criminals Association, stamp collectors


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on September 25, 2013.

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