What if…?

year_zero for better planet

[wrote this about seven years ago, still seems relevant…?]

What If…?

What IF:

• The grand spectrum of possible human consciousness stretches from (a) separation, unconsciousness and the narrowest, most contracted point of self-survival and fear of literal or symbolic death to (b) one-ness, consciousness and the most expansive, widest non-point of all-embracing universal Life and ‘God’-consciousness?

• Although mostly unaware of it, we can and do make that choice along the spectrum of where to be every nanosecond of our lives?

• Humans throughout history have always been able or unable to make that choice along the spectrum of consciousness?

• The choice of widest consciousness – sometimes also known as ‘mystical’ experience, awareness or insight – has been thoroughly democratic and egalitarian in not discriminating in any way between historical periods, classes, education levels, genders or ethnicities?

• The process and direction (‘telos’) of human history from tribalism via nation states to globalised civilization can be read as both increasing differentiation and alienation AND as the increasing development or unfolding of individual and collective consciousness of the diverse one-ness of the Human Family within the diverse one-ness of the biospherical Community of Beings?

• The true message of global ecology and its crisis is a globalised, very material ‘mysticism’ of total interdependence?

• The present world crisis of humanity and the biosphere can be interpreted as a call to consciousness of our true collective being as One Humanity on One Planet (OH/OP), i.e. an evolutionary turning point in human history and mass consciousness?

• Humane and equitable survival within a beautiful and productive biosphere now depends on a critical mass of humanity on all continents discovering within themselves and socially expressing this OH/OP consciousness as strongly as they can?

• The turning point in mass consciousness may come through a universal process of ‘systemic emergence’, i.e. when an internally networked (synergetic), increasingly more dense system of diverse and freely communicating parts reaches ‘critical mass’ and suddenly shifts into a new ‘emergent quality or whole’ that is wholly unpredictable since it is more than the sum of its parts?

• This process of emergence of new/old consciousness of one-ness is blocked by Power, i.e. the power of the old economic, political and internalised cognitive systems that are externally represented by established corporate and political leaders, commentators and ‘experts’ and which appeal to the most narrow, separative, aggressive, fearful (and thus control- and power-seeking) parts of our own personal spectrum of consciousness?

• Common humanity also has an old, usually unknown history of ‘anti-power Dreaming’ we can tap into, i.e. has in the past provided many attempts and short-lived utopian sketches of a fair and good society, of a radically self-active democracy and sense of human solidarity, which are an inspiring legacy and reality we can build on and which could be re-emerging in new contemporary guises?

• Humane collective survival for the human family on One Planet now means that we should most likely pursue some or all of the following:

• (a) cultivate and practise wide OH/OP consciousness through creativity, meditation and radical (anti-capitalist) social practice ?
• (b) increase communicative networking and intensive debate to prepare for possible social emergence of the New Story we need to survive and thrive?
• (c) work at increasing our ecologically sustainable, local-global subsistence economies and re-localised support networks?
• (d) massively dis-affiliate from remaining identifications with the present ecocidal power system and its leaders by ‘dropping out’, ignoring their oligarchical ‘politics’, reducing consumption, boycotting, creative non-cooperation and civil disobedience, i.e. radically withdrawing our energies and consent from the corporate, state and psychological system of power that is destroying the planet and all our humane futures?

~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on August 8, 2013.

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