a day at the beachdinner with friends


we’re leaving
we’re leaving
we’re leaving
the world…
for dead (refrain)

got a widescreen
in my bedroom
‘stead of a wall
now don’t ever
wanna leave
my friggin head at all


look at a landscape
there’s no movement
at all
boring as shit, not
like a mall, hey
dude pass the remote, coz


OK my brain
is a dead zone
full of jellyfish & gunk
abyss of the id
with shallows of junk
so what, coz


you say the sky’s fallin
what that means
seen it in slo mo
on a supersize screen

made a great feature
loved it to the max
sequel’s much better
with Gaga & sex


got a girl in Ulan Bator
got a girl in Quito
I’m gonna unfriend them
coz they stole my Burritos



~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on July 9, 2013.

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