Summer Dam


[This is a poem first published in my chapbook Collidoscope, Mark Time Press 2010. An Australian farm dam is a water storage, a kind of usually large pond and sometimes the size of a lake. Commiserations to my northern readers now in the middle of winter…]

Summer Dam

The way reeds succumb to gravity’s wind,
sky force propelling them water-wards,
soul-wards till all is grace & light

or a water lily open-handed
to the sun, flat paddle-leaved,
still as an emblem

over the brown murk of water
flicked, tensing like the dun ripple
on a stallion’s silk rump

marsh frogs clicking their pebbles
of territorial air, a cabbage white
jinking & reeling low, drunk

with shimmer, two dragonflies
reed-locked & pumping
their violent U, distant screeching

cockatoos planning their next blitz
on wattle seeds, apples, equanimity,
nature romantic to the urban mind.


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on December 27, 2012.

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