Sydney refracted

[‘Sydney refracted’ has been published as a downloadable app by the innovative Red Room Company (cf. Blogroll) as part of its The Disappearing project. Once downloaded onto your smartphone (I don’t own one), you can go to various sites around Sydney and listen to or read poems by various poets writing about these places from the perspective of ‘disappearing’. With ‘Sydney refracted’ you would be standing near the Opera House on Bennelong Point looking at the Harbour and CBD. For non-Australians: Kenneth Slessor wrote a famous poem situated in and around Sydney Harbour called ‘Five Bells’, Philip refers to the first Governor of the colony from 1788, the Eora was the name of the local tribe. The collage above combines a shot of Sydney Harbour with shots of clouds over our Bundanoon property and the ocean at Kiama.]

Sydney refracted

Skyscraper shells ebb & flow waves of light
crystallized from some radioactive jelly ball white
in oceanic space, glint down into viridescent caverns
shadowed with sharks, protean projections

algae-carpet rocks, floating nets & figments stippled
with a crustacean imagination belled with Slessor,
Philip, Eora, the harbour a city’s submerged door
in blue diaphanous sediment rife with light ripple

money roar, transparent concrete, an invisible herd
of cabled rails spitting finance at fifty feet filled
with aqueous elegies, scurrying soft fin carapaces
craning down over construction sites of the word

unionized to the hilt, marooned like Atlantis, Jonas
in some future’s belly we’d rather not caesar or seize.

~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on October 26, 2012.

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