Mike Prysner, The Real Enemy

[A moving, rousing speech by Mike Prysner, a US Iraq War veteran, on who the real enemy is and what we should do about it. Finally, some truth on the old, tragic phenomenon of working classes fighting other national working classes for the economic and geostrategic benefit of their ruling class. Cuts through the corporate media and electioneering guff like a knife.]

~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on September 30, 2012.

5 Responses to “Mike Prysner, The Real Enemy”

  1. I think Gen. Smedley Butler would agree:


  2. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for sharing. Was a great and courageous speech but I don’t fully agree. Modern wars are not fought solely for the rich, and against the interests of the working class. I think, to the contrary, they are fought, at least in part, to maintain the affluent lifestyles most of us have. Without the oil flowing cheap from Iraq, or the plantations providing us with our coffee, we could not live so affluently. Wars are a neccesary part of the empire that delivers ordinary rich world people, not just the corporations, our wealth – though, admittedly the corporates stand to gain far more than us. That is what the anti-war movement always neglects to mention.


    • Hi Johnny, thanks for the comment, and couldn’t agree more with you. Probably a question of both/and rather than either/or? That is: wars are waged by largely working class soldiers for the power benefit of the ruling classes AND to keep the resources/cheap oil flowing to the affluent countries and thus their middle and working classes as well. Probably Mike Prysner would agree with you as well.

  3. Thanks Pete. Yes, agree it is both. Just wish these points were made clearer by anti-war movemet. Its not enough anymore, to simply blame it on the elites. Yes, they are by far the most culpable. But we are too…
    and, importantly, we are the ones with the greatest power to dismantle empire. By abandaning affluence. Keep up your great work – very inspiring.

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