Video reading of The Holding added

Many prefer to hear poems read to reading them themselves, so just a quick note to say I’ve now added a video of my reading of the poem ‘The Holding’ where I posted it on June 5, in case anyone would like to hear it as well. There’s also a shameless spruik of the new book the poem comes from, ‘Requiem’.

It’s my first attempt at using a webcam and making a video, so please bear with me till I get the hang of it, folks. (Anyone know how to get rid of the screen reflection in one’s glasses, for example?)

~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on June 8, 2012.

4 Responses to “Video reading of The Holding added”

  1. Whoops! I could not find the video? I see your article about this but no URL. I would really love to watch it. Hope you can fix this! Best wishes from Laara in Canada!

    • Hi Laara, just scroll down two posts to the original post of ‘The Holding’ on June 5, the video is now at the bottom of the text so you can read the text at the same time you’re listening if you want to. Warm regards from a coldish winter here over to a fine summer in Vancouver? Peter

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