For the Compassionate Ones

US workers, 1940s

[This is a poem from my second poetry collection Requiem, which has just been published in Australia by Picaro Press. Available from Picaro Press for $15 via the link on the blogroll. Enjoy.]

For the Compassionate Ones

the great proletariat we busy ones ignore
the blue collar Bodhisattvas of the factories
the green collar photosynthetic factories that feed us all
the dark moist world wide web of invisible fungi
that is the collective unconscious of planetary life
the sleepless mothers rocking babies in the night
the volunteers that woman the pumps, canteens, fire-hoses
the fathers whose big hands bring home the bacon
& nurse window-stunned magpies back into flight
the men who haul away corpses & garbage
the nurses, doctors, cleaners in the grey hospital machine
the men & women who start non-violent revolutions
by speaking bone-marrow truth, not getting up in buses
or taking salt from the common sea

to the man, the woman, the child, the weed & worm
that sing the dance of life that inter-is
with moon & snail & chainsaw
all subtly enfolded in this white poetic sheet
– now faintly trembling in your ancient hand
in-formed by claw, paw & non-opposing thumb –
that contains the gentle sky raining mercy
upon our parched & waiting fields

we sing praise

~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on May 14, 2012.

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