Code Pink challenges US drone crimes

Long live the courage of Medea Benjamin and Code Pink for ‘speaking truth to power’ on behalf of all the innocent victims of the Empire. Drones break every international law of national sovereignty and due process. They are the cold-blooded killing of people secretly selected by the US executive as suspects without due process plus the so-called ‘collateral damage’ of civilians. They are thus a form of state terrorism. Obama even brags about it. Liberals are silent.

Medea’s article on why she acted can be found here:


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on May 2, 2012.

4 Responses to “Code Pink challenges US drone crimes”

  1. Wow, thanks for re-blogging this. I am impressed, I did not know Code Pink would be that bold.
    I wonder what our and the administration’s position would be if Russia launched drone strikes on, let’s say, Boston because there were Chechnyan
    terrorist plotting against Moscow.

    • Thanks for the comment, Christian. Code Pink has been very bold before (I remember a bloody hands event against Condi Rice a few years ago). Good point you make: what if, say, Havanna were to use a drone to kill what they had decided were anti-Castro Cuban ‘terrorists’ in Miami? P.

      • That’s one whole big part of this drone policy that just doesn’t get addressed much. If one puts aside the moral and ethical part of that question [which I am not really willing to do] one is still left with the ‘proliferation’ issue of drone strikes. I think this equally applies to torture, and that is why I think our condoning both of these policies is just plain stupid.
        We just seem to be totally unwilling to consider ‘blowback.’

      • Yep, both totally immoral and plain stupid. But just wondering Christian: when you write ‘our’ condoning and ‘we’ seem unwilling to consider…, who exactly do you mean? The government, or you and I, the public? Or are you identifying both ? And if so, whom could that legitimise I wonder?

        I don’t remember any such immoral policies being put to democratic debate and decision. These are the guys and gals with blood on their hands and telegenic smiles on their faces. But not in OUR names if we loudly dissent and protest, I suggest. Beware that deadly ‘we’…

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