mutual modularity poetics

Berlin Dada Manifesto 1918

mutual modularity poetics

poetry like mysticism like anarchism the mind in freedom immersed in a riot of difference

the certainty of freedom from certainty yet not the certainty of wallowing in doubt

against Aristotles A can very well be B or C or Z or even A on a good day

the spirit is life is nature is soul abyssal as ocean sky night depth inexpressible as godhead

the spirit ever flowing changing metamorphosing a river of light

grasp & it’s gone like water wind air life relationship ketchup

grasping is silly bloody knife cutting, eye seeing, hand shaking, itself

spirit lives in the house of self-contradiction ambiguity ambivalence irony paradox

spirit is coincidentia oppositorum, both/and, the Tao of light-dark

spirit of poetry spirit of life spirit of anarchism the Trickster spirit

you say one thing feel pregnant with the possibility of its opposite

spirit is humour as awareness of incongruence laughing itself into its own release

spirit the irrepressible source of all dissent essential freedom to say no and yes

all institutions kill it with either/or law letter hierarchy authority power-over

Lao-Tzu Chuang-Tzu Heraclitus Diogenes Meister Eckhart Hui-Neng Dogen Angelus Silesius

Whitman Landauer Dada Joyce Adorno Cummings Cage Watts Monty Python

yes large as Walt containing multitudes & platitudes past present future now-ever

no small as the universe in midge fly breath shoe pebble swamp moss toothache

the wheel of the everyday the wheel of the galaxy centred on a black hole void

I’ll sing the wheel till the wheels fall off, the real till the real falls off

I’ll sing the wor(l)d till the wor(l)ds fall off in the beginning the end

~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on April 19, 2012.

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