e equals mc squared

[unpublished sonnet of mine on light, energy, mass, Einstein]

e equals mc squared

light hits our lake in nano-shrapnel of inter-galactic eye splinters
the word equals equals a is b, mass is energy light-enlightened
build the bomb mr president/don’t build/now you have it, ban it
terror equals a white summer wall even without human imprints

e as in essence/ spiritually wired essence of carboniferous capitalism
e as in ease as in fridges or louie da fly spreading disease with the greatest of
e’s what happened to eternal delight after & because of Blake
mass equals something heavy catholics used to feel lighter after

antipodean light anchors land & sea like sky theology’s wordy fable
lite as in ciggies, beer, angel wings, verse, commitments
light thoughts are heavier than the meditating gravity of the universe
at six your life darkened by the light switched on above the operating table

at the zurich patent office albert’s life seemed lightless, unshared
at hiroshima life melted into lightless mass under a mushroom of light squared


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on January 3, 2012.

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