haiku skies

Sky High Coo

landing in Sydney:
the sky throbs up
through your feet

this sky, pegged
to the continent
vast tent of space

looking up: blue
mirrors mind
falling into itself

backlit radiance
sculpts angelic glow
in nuclear dusk clouds

a smudge of cirrus:
oceanic after-thought
in nothing-mind

birds winging it:
fish, dinosaur flocks
formed from air

black grape clouds
roiling the horizon
promise electric food

rainbow ghost
doubles a bridge
to our gold house

mist slithers in
a soft snake
eating up light

new moon a banana
sliver stuck on
a black balloon

new moon night:
star dust rippling
over a black snake

the antipodean moon
a huge narcissist
upstaging night

breathing in sky
like a swallow
becoming air

looking out to sea:
two blues
one canvas

land sea sky
flowing east
as one Pacific

oh hear
this ocean
breathing sky

always there
never looked into:
sun, self

high wind raked
cloud furrows:
your unlived depth

feeling sky vast:
imagining cycles
of renewed dying

cloudless sky
so perfect
it’s not there

[photos were taken around Kiama, south of Sydney and Wollongong, 45 minutes by car east of us in southern highlands]

~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on December 12, 2011.

4 Responses to “haiku skies”

  1. Beautiful photos, captured the sense of wide open space. Love the line “this sky / pegged to the continent” – perfect!

  2. Lovely lines….and nice pics of sea.

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