the cafe considered as a universe

where this poem's twin might have liked to have been written in a parallel universe

where this poem was written (Sprocket Cafe Newcastle)

[this poem of mine was first published in this year’s Newcastle Pub Poetry Anthology]

the café considered as a universe

the subwoofer wobbleboards your cochlea
like an implant in this café spreading

out its vibes, sounding out a universe
like a snail’s shell round as your head

so thoughts can be, go where they look
at themselves like sea/sky inter-falling

upwards into a void back-spiralled
by a bass holding the whole shebamm

together as if it weren’t here or there, smell
of coffee, amniotic squelch of machines,

these black & tentative tracks across
this unknowing pen’s unknown page

singing the strings of this warm place
into the nothing-knots we call events

yet float within from the womb inter-
pulsing with two hearts & a nowness

fused in the swirl of fluids we call things,
mindless moments that die into thought

like rivers of notes subtended by a bass
in some old café at the edge of grace


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on December 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “the cafe considered as a universe”

  1. Wonderful poem. Love the linking of music, coffee and writing.

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