Aphorisms 2

Australian beetle Lettrism

[Some more aphorisms, my first post since my bowel operation a week ago. Enjoy.]

Meditation is death’s way of getting you to practise it.

The whole universe rests on the rock solid foundation of change and ambivalence.

There is nothing perfect in all the universe except the universe.

Democracy is inversely proportional to the number of followers and spectators.

Anarchism is democracy brought to its logical conclusion.

Anarchism is not anarchy but free, self-managed order.

As Zen to Buddhism or Dadaism to art, so anarchism to socialism: the anti-Ism ism.

As long as violent anarchism is not an obvious oxymoron, it will merely strengthen oligarchic power. Violence is always the language of power and domination.

The Achilles’ heel of all oligarchic power is a movement of non-violent, mass civil disobedience. The Achilles’ heel of all resistance to, and abolition of, such power is violence.

I have never understood what, apart from the obvious physical features, the difference between men and women is supposed to be. The same goes for people of different nationalities and races.

Like other forest biota, a good forester is an expression and tool of the forest.

The wise gardener, like the wise poet, knows paradise is a lot of work and a lot of letting go.

The small organic orchard is one that trains and enriches the orchardist as he trains and enriches it.

Physically, chemically and mentally separated by the veil of money, the commercial farmer has neither the time nor inclination to pay close attention to his or her land. That is why it is being ruined. You cannot love a thousand acre paddock of wheat or cotton.

In my utopian (‘good’) society there would be little shrines dotted about the country and cities. Each would contain a jug of fresh water and a small box filled with humus.

Perhaps children can be most quickly and simply taught about the mysterious beneficence of decay, decomposition and death by making and gardening with compost.

The core problem of schools is that they have always been too middle class. Children are born workers who want to DO practical, useful, creative things, not just talk about them, or, worse, be talked to about them. Children are also born poets, philosophers and aristocrats who want to get the widest possible view about everything in the known and unknown universe. Most of the many problems of the middle class school system stem from its structural repression of the practical, creative and philosophical.

A poet is simply someone who isn’t just star dust but knows it.

In the great poem the stars sing from the gutters. In bad poems there are just stars and gutters.

Where was the first moon landing achieved from: Cape Canaveral or the Caves of Lascaux?

The perfect eulogy: he was kind, generous, and had a bit of bite. He contributed.


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on July 28, 2011.

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