Skies over Bundanoon

[Just a few aphorisms that occurred to me this morning. Bon appetit.]

Good aphorisms are like good poems: sharp little pinpricks reminding you of what you know already.

Poetry is how cells communicate when they are healthy.

Poetry and psychology map the universe. Astronomy and physics map the soul.

The deepest sense of the universe can be gotten listening to the sound of a strong wind in pine trees.

A great sense of security in life can be provided by the certainty of the passing of the four seasons.

Looking in the mirror each morning can fill you with wonder at the randomness with which that particular face and body were chosen to clothe your life.

Trying to find your true self is like scientists trying to find the dark energy/matter that makes up ninety five per cent of the universe. Both are a matter of trying to find the dark with a torch.

Trying to find a reason for your cancer may be cancerous.

Like all other religions, socialism is one that has not been tried yet.

Anarchism is aristocracy democratised.

Mature anarchists are aristocrats without serfs.


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on July 13, 2011.

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