The Current Spanish Revolution (video)

Apparently most public square occupations have now decided to disband and redirect their activities to hundreds of local districts within the cities. From what I can gather so far, this spontaneous movement, spreading from the Near East to Spain and Europe, is an important psychological leap for this generation of young people, most university-educated, away from consumerist passivity and into democratic and non-violent self-activity. Hopefully, this may yet develop its own more radical dynamic. So far it seems their positive demands have all still remained firmly within the discourse parameters of the system (more jobs, less corruption) and lacked any more radical-utopian, anti-capitalist perspective or ecological survival dimension (climate chaos, peak oil, transition to an ecologically sustainable society). Their most promising utopian element so far is their adherence to the direct, open democracy of the general assembly.
For updates, the Spanish 15 May Revolution Portal (from which this video was taken) on my Blogroll is a good place to start.


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on June 14, 2011.

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