Civics 101 (Proudhon’s List)

Civics 101 (Proudhon’s List)

To be governed is to be

watched over, inspected,
spied upon, directed

legislated, regulated,
docketed, indoctrinated

weighed, preached at,
controlled, assessed

censored, ordered
about by men

who have neither the right
nor the knowledge nor the virtue.

To be governed is to be

at each operation, transaction
& movement

noted, taxed, arrested,
stamped, measured, valued

patented, licensed, authorized,
endorsed, admonished, hampered

registered, reformed, rebuked.

It is, on the pretext
of the general interest, to be

drilled, held to ransom,
exploited, monopolized,

extorted, squeezed
hoaxed, robbed.

Then it is to be

at the least resistance,
at the first word of complaint

fined, followed,
abused, annoyed

bullied, beaten,
repressed, imprisoned

garrotted, machine-gunned,
judged, condemned, disarmed

deported, flayed,
sold, betrayed

&, finally,

mocked, ridiculed,
insulted, dishonoured.

Such is government.
Such is justice.
Such is morality.


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on May 18, 2011.

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