Supporting Wikileaks

Like Dan Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers in the 70s, Julian Assange and Wikileaks represent our democratic right to cut through the PR spin and propaganda machinery and get to know some of the dirty linen and dissumulations of the ruling elites in all countries. It’s nice to know how these people actually operate and the differences between what they publicly say and privately do and think within their own closed circles.

Of course these political elites and their spokespersons in the corporate and right-wing media are going to resent this and do eveything to prevent openness, accountability, freedom of information and democratic debate.

For those few who still thought they were living in open democracies, it might come as a shock to see some of the opinion columns in the democratic media and the political elites here behaving quite like the authoritarian communists and military dictators to whom they otherwise like to preach the West’s purported values of freedom of speech and human rights. Their hyprocrisy and double standards are once again nauseatingly on show.

How can we support Wikileaks in its current struggle to continue? One way might be to boycott Amazon and PayPal where possible, both of whom have caved in to state and right-wing pressure and taken Wikileaks off its server or refused to continue taking donations for Wikileaks. These were craven, discriminatory, political decisons by so-called ‘non-political’ businesses. Although Wikileaks is clever enough to survive elsewhere and by other means, let’s take our business elswhere till Amazon and PayPal reverse their decisions regarding Wikileaks.

Here is a video interview with an ex-UK ambassador to remind us of Wikileaks’ importance in exposing war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan:

~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on December 6, 2010.

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