No Way Home

[from my first full length collection The Post-Man Letters & Other Poems available online at Picaro Press, cf. blogroll on right. The photo above was taken in Melbourne CBD.]

No Way Home

You’ve gone right around the world
with your stinking net catching more
than you thought, slurp slurp

for five thousand years or so
you’ve trapped, triangulated & travailed
the known world’s rim yet

still elude yourselves in your mirror
masturbations, o silver-sided
tricksters of commerce, your plastic

sails reek of gunpowder & Bibles
your ledgers yellow with envy
& rats’ piss, I just want to know

how many more souls, villages
continents before your denied
& elegant holes are finally filled

with the impure mystic nothing
you project into money as underneath
the glossed floors of supermarkets

volcanoes of the forgotten dead
rumble, brokers’ screens cloud
over with the noise of blood, toxic

gulls crash the dark windows
of your long phallic limousines
& there’s no way home.


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on November 14, 2010.

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