A Short Poetics

Andy Goldsworthy, Sticks Framing a Lake

A Short Poetics

A poem walks on water
like a spider stalking gnats,
each light foot firmly
laddered to the stretched
& bouncing gel
of its meniscus. This

is the zone where two
faces meet eye to eye,
languid water, scudding sky
breathing into each other
like lovers, mothers
offering milk.

This realm is the wide
width of a human hair,
contains an abyssal universe
of living forms that tear,
& eat each other
in the usual dance
of genes, metaphors,
neurones, dreams.

It knows the unknown
like the back of its hand,
a creased parchment
of mountains, valleys,
veined rivers time
writes its passing on,
the hand that holds
the pen the poem
writes itself.

Intermediate between
spine & thought,
the poem dances
its way with reptile,
mammal & mind,
a tenuous tightrope
of breathing skin
looping us
into ones & one.

[from my collection The Post-Man Letters & Other Poems, available from Picaro Press, cf. Blogroll]


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on October 26, 2010.

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