Gerhard Richter, Kerze (Candle), 1982


my heart a white falcon over a sheer cliff of wind
my heart a panther panting trust through its teeth
my heart sobriety in a nutshell cracked by unbelief
my heart calamitous in its anxious expanse

my heart a lion on fire in a forest of tangled neurones
my heart the sun’s iamb shadows the moon’s trochee
my heart the eternal unfulfilling of a forgotten dream
my heart surprised by the exquisite lightness of mice feet

my heart dances the holy chequered fool to my pale reason
my heart swims in a red ocean teeming with unknown fish
my heart sings with the pining ghosts of my descendants

my heart writes inscriptions on shells, wings, people’s rage
my heart consumes itself in the black fires of a poem’s wish
my heart laughs and, slowly, turns the pathetic page

[from my new book: The Post-Man Letters & Other Poems, at Picaro Press, Warners Bay NSW 2010]


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on September 30, 2010.

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