While walking in the Himalayas one day

D.E. Harding noticed he had no head.

Mountains, skies, all were happening

inside his skull that wasn’t there.

Ditto when he looked down at his body.

Rushing home to look at a mirror,

he saw it only produced the illusion

of a head at one tiniest of points

in all the deep and pointless universe:

at a foot and ninety degrees. Even

there mirror, head were happening

like sky or wall on an empty screen

wide as unknown worlds without edge

ships fell off before they tried. Calmed,

Harding spent the rest of his long life

teaching workshops on Heading Off Stress.

[Anyone interested in checking out Harding’s ‘Western Zen’ ideas on identity and simple enlightenment practices can simply click The Headless Way website in the blogroll. ]


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on July 10, 2010.

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