Green Sonnet


Banksy, Flower Thrower (graffito)

green building green car green energy green

footprint green tax green urbanism green chip

ecohouse eco-community eco-fascism eco-label

ecophilosophy eco-region ecosophy ecotax

ecotechnology ecotherapy ecotoxic eco-warrior

carbon trade carbon tax carbon sequestration

carbon emissions carbon neutral carbon offset

biochar biobank biodiveristy biofood biofuel

dollar yen euro gulfo franc lira peso pound

yuan cent centime penny pfennig nickel

dime quid bob farthing anxiety depression

melting bipolar drying dying drowning

fleeing starving borderline narcissism


[Again wordpress won’t recognise the stanza breaks in this Italian sonnet: there should be two quatrains followed by two triplets. WordPress software seems geared to prose and unfriendly towards poetry…]


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on April 28, 2010.

7 Responses to “Green Sonnet”

  1. Very thought provoking. Well done.
    Laara WilliamSen

  2. Yup

    “fleeing starving” if the IPCC has its way with its emission reduction requirements.



  3. Seems like you share the same thoughts about wordpress’ inability to create stanzas. It’s great to meet a poet with similar sentiments as I do about poetry.

    Great poem!

    • Thanks for your comment. Have found WordPress sometimes does and sometimes doesn’t recognise stanza breaks. Annoying, isn’t it? Wonder how we poets could provide feedback to WordPress about this issue so they can fix it? All the best with your writing. Peter

  4. I’ve actually resorted to using “//” in my poems to create stanzas (and colour them according to the background colour. You could try using my technique if you want to create stanzas (:

    Or we could go on a poet protest!

    • Many thanks for the tip, Nicole. I’ll try it out. Alternatively, we’ll keep that poets’ protest in mind. All the best P.

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