Rosalie Gascoigne, Metropolis 1999


Ever noticed the metaphysics of road signs?

The ever present reminders strategically placed

by the orange-neon mystics of the RTA?


Indeed, reverend! A pulpit

at every freeway exit. A million fingers

raised across the country.

A million RTA Moses booming

that our Golden Calf is doomed.

Repent! The End is Nigh!

One wrong turn and we will sigh

into that fatal speed

or our oncoming fate.

(Retrace your steps to That Point.

Decide again. That way is Home…)


Give pause, pilgrim! Let life resurge

your hard bent back. Drink deep

now so your cells can swim. Breathe

in…Grass is green again, the eye

unclouded, free of thought. The ear

birdsong, open as a frameless door.

Nothing to do but stop. Cease.

Life shall carry you over

to that other shore.


 What hallelujah of final release from division!

The eternal fight of I and I, of suck and spit,

ended! One road now, shining,

endless as it snakes our way

among round green hills. One path now,

pathless. Beyond crossroads, lines, signs.

Straight as light, wheel-round,

it bends into its own sweet nothing

that is the final stuff of flesh.

[first published in Five Bells, Sydney, in 2007]


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on November 15, 2009.

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